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You know, the place where I learned how to make a product that so far, has produced revenues in excess of $2000. $1 Webinar ”5 Quickie Conversion Tactics” Share and Enjoy: → No CommentsTags: Internet Marketing · Main Offline Gold Mining, New and Improved September 6th, 2008 · 1 Comment Marketing to Offline Businesses Direct Response Internet Marketers have a lot of choices when it comes to taking their skills and helping local businesses get online. The problem is, most of the stuff out there is the same, basic advice Talk to the businesses you do business with Be friendly and open Educate your prospects about Internet Marketing That would be great advice – if it worked. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. Watch the video below to see what does work. Share and Enjoy: → 1 CommentTags: Internet Marketing · Main LocalBizBuilders.com – Your Offline Goldmine Resource August 16th, 2008 · No Comments It’s been a while, make that a long while, since I’ve written anything or found anything worthy of writing about. Long story short, after years of hearing about the Warrior Forum, I finally checked it out, which led me to Offline GoldMine by Andrew Cavanagh, and with just a few more degrees of mouse clicking separation.  I found LocalBizBuilders.com. When you visit, make sure to check out the Special Forces Section. More details about Special Forces And I’m glad I did. Below is a short video that describes what Local Biz Builders is and what it can do for marketing jobs you are looking for. Localbizbuilders.com was created by Keith Boisvert as a meeting and discussion forum for Internet marketers who are looking for more information on how to market to off-line businesses. Using the strategies and techniques laid out by Andrew and others for marketing to local off-line businesses using online marketing tools and resources. For more your free membership visit www.LocalBizBuilders.com. Share and Enjoy: → No CommentsTags: Internet Marketing · Main · Marketing Online · Tools I Use · Web 2.0 XSitePro 2 – The Internet Marketer’S Website Design Program of Choice June 17th, 2008 · No Comments XSitePro 2 was just released today. I’ve been waiting for is one for quite some time. I just purchased my copy of the long awaited XSitePro 2.0. I will attempt to review the entire XSitePro 2 package. I will share with you as I learn more about SEO and designing web sites using the XSitePro 2 templates that come with the software and are included in the Early Bird Bonus. Stay tuned to these pages, and I will keep you updated as I learn how to use the product and create new websites. If you want to learn more about XSitePro’s features without waiting click on the image below. Share and Enjoy: → No CommentsTags: Internet Marketing Solution · Main · Tools I Use Blog Image Editing Video – Free Software for Image Editing February 12th, 2008 · No Comments Whether you’re blogging for pleasure or profit, the effective use of images to capture and maintain your readers attention is very important. I’ve been using a free program called IrfanView for about eight years in my eBay business to edit end resize images I use for my auctions.  Recently, I’ve also used it for the images I use in my blogs. I’ve created a short little video about how to use a free image editing tool called IrfanView that shows you how to do a variety of things with images so that you can use them effectively in your blog. How to Edit Images for Your Blog or Website In this video you will learn: [Read more →] Share and Enjoy: → No CommentsTags: Internet Marketing · Tools I Use · Video How To Affiliate Video Brander – What a piece of … January 25th, 2008 · 27 Comments Perhaps you’ve heard of Affiliate Video Brander or have received an e-mail recently promoting the product.  The company that developed Affiliate Video Brander is starting a relaunch and allowing people to resell this product on their own. What does this mean for you? Well pay attention,  I’ll tell you in just a minute. But first, the reason I’m doing this review is that I have a very good friend who bought the product and could not make it work.  So I offered to help her make it work.  The video of this attempt follows: [Read more →] Share and Enjoy: → 27 CommentsTags: Affiliate Marketing · Internet Marketing · Main · Product Review 7 Ways Internet Marketing Is Like The NFL Super Bowl January 21st, 2008 · No Comments 7 Ways Internet Marketing Is Like The NFL Super Bowl A project that should take one hour takes 3 ½ hours. The closer you get to the goal line, the more noise enters your life. There is no such thing as perfect. The goal line should be clearly marked The more eyeballs you attract, the more you can charge for advertising for online marketing jobs. You better have on some protective gear; it will get bumpy out there.  You’re going to have to start a new season soon after the game is over. And one way that Internet marketing can be different… It should be win – win for both you and your customer. Share and Enjoy: → No CommentsTags: Internet Marketing · Main Niche Competition Research Tracking Part 3 January 20th, 2008 · No Comments In this the third and probably final video, we are using the Niche Competition Research Excel Spreadsheet to evaluate the market opportunities presented by your competition. This video demonstrates how to actually start collecting the data.   Remember you have to do "Whatever It Takes" (WIT) to make your web site a success. This is a tedious process but, it’s vital if you want to stay at home in your pajamas until noon every day that you’re not on vacation. Video 1 "Niche Comptition Setup" is here. Video 2 "Niche Competition Spreadsheet – Enhancements and Use" is here. Share and Enjoy: → No CommentsTags: Internet Marketing · Niche Market Research · Tools I Use Niche Competition Research Tracking Part 2 January 20th, 2008 · No Comments We are using the Niche Competition Research Excel Spreadsheet to evaluate the market opportunities presented by your competition. This is the second video in the series and demonstrates [Read more →] Share and Enjoy: → No CommentsTags: Internet Marketing · Niche Market Research · Tools I Use Niche Competition – How to Track Your Research January 19th, 2008 · 4 Comments Today’s Internet marketer has to do more than keyword research to determine what target area of the economy they want to focus on at their website. At the Authority Site Center (ASC) they also focus on competition research. The idea is to take your top 10 keywords and look the top 10 sites on three different search engines to evaluate what are called "holes "that you may attack with your website. You will be looking to see if your competition provides features and benefits such as: [Read more →] Share and Enjoy: → 4 CommentsTags: Internet Marketing · Niche Market Research · Tools I Use ← Previous Entries Categories Affiliate Marketing Internet Marketing Internet Marketing Solution Main Marketing Online Niche Market Research Product Review Social Marketing Tools